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Ever since the invention of the internet, websites have been evolving and developing, always becoming increasingly useful and relevant as technology and information becomes more prominent in our lives. A website speaks volumes about who you are, what you represent, and what you do. It gets your name out there, and allows people to have access to information about you 24/7, which is incredibly useful if you're a person or business who sells products, services or information.

A website is no longer an option these days for any kind of business. It is very much an indispensable part of your business. Your business is incomplete without a website. Whether your website is the primary source of your income or just a medium to inform others about your company, it is just as much required. You realize that your website is the face of your business online. Many people will simply judge your business by your website and yet we see so many poorly done websites. Some websites are old with redundant data and yet companies hesitate to redesign them. It is very important that your company website portrays your business correctly and the information on the website is also kept up to date.

Types of Websites

Depending on the features, a website is broadly divided into 3 sections - Static, Dynamic, and CMS. The chart below demonstrates the defination of each type of website.

Number of Pages 6 pages 15 pages 25 pages
Website Template Design Yes Yes Yes
Flash / Jquery No Yes Yes
About Us Page Yes Yes Yes
Domain Registration Yes Yes Yes
Google Map Yes Yes Yes
Maintenance For 6 Months 6 months 1 Year
Flash / Jquery Maintanence No Yes Yes
Contact Page With Form No Yes Yes
Search Feature No Yes Yes
SEO Friendly Site No Yes Yes
Terms & Condition Page No No Yes
Account Activation / Deactivation No No Yes
Admin Page No No Yes
Edit / Delete Content No No Yes

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