Ecommerce Technology

Dot Net is a technology which is used to develop different types of applications

  • Web Applications (websites)
  • Windows Applications (Desktop Application) etc..

Web Application:
A website is a collection of related web pages containing images, videos or Other digital assets called contents. a website is hosted on at least one web Server, accessible via a network such as the internet or a private local area Network through an internet address also called URL.

Types of web applications:

  • Static websites
  • Dynamic websites
  • Content managed websites
  • Flash websites
  • Ecommerce websites

Windows Application:
Windows Applications are form based standard Windows desktop applications for common day to day tasks. Microsoft word is an example of a Windows application. It is software which is used or updated day by day services...

  • Accounting software
  • Billing software for firms
  • Hospitals
  • Stores etc...

Using technologies:

  • Asp.Net       :    To develop websites
  • Java script  :    It is used for providing Client side Validations
  • C #.Net        :    To Develop Windows Application
  • ADO.Net     :    To communication between Application and database
  • SQL Server :    To maintain database

What is Asp.Net: Microsoft's is a server-side scripting technology that can be used to create dynamic and interactive Web applications. Using this technology we can create any type of web application like Ecommerce, Content managed,  Educational Website, Entertainment Website, News Website
What is Java Script: JavaScript is a programming language that is mostly used in web pages, usually to add features that make the web page more interactive. When JavaScript is included in an HTML file it relies upon the browser to interpret the JavaScript
What is C#.Net: Here We are using C#.Net to develop windows Applications as well as in Asp.Net for server side scripting.
What is Ado.Net: ADO.NET is a set of computer software components that programmers can use to access data and data services. It is a part of the base class library that is included with the Microsoft .NET Framework. .
What is database: A database is a collection of all data required for an application. Each database application will have only one database.
A database a collection of Tables
A Table is a collection of Records.
All records in the same table will have the same fields
Microsoft SQL Server: SQL Server is one of the most popular and advanced database systems currently available. SQL Server is provided by Microsoft. Stands for "Structured Query Language", and can be pronounced as either "sequel" or "SQL". It is a query language used for accessing and modifying information in a database. Some common SQL commands include "select",  "insert",  "update",  and  "delete".